About NAA

NAA is a newly formed professional nursing association for all nurses who are dedicated to excellence of care and practice, and who are open to developing adaptive, creative, and supportive learning environments for nurses.  The role of the nurse is uncertain amidst a changing national healthcare climate leaving many to struggle silently.

How would you answer the following questions?

What is your perception of the role of the nurse in today’s healthcare climate?

Can you describe your current workplace as a positive practice environment? 

Do the skills of nurse leaders directly influence the ability of these leaders to create positive practice environments that impact job satisfaction, recruitment, and retention? 

Do you perceive that you have the knowledge, resources, understanding, and support needed to safely and competently perform your duties as a nurse every day?

Nurses can no longer sit in silence amid the chaos, stress, and tension we experience in today’s practice environments.  NAA provides all nurses with an alternative approach to finding solutions to problems associated with growing discontent with the role of nurses and the practice environment.  NAA provides you a safe and effective venue in which to express your views and opinions, create solutions to problems, explore new ideas and concepts, challenge the status quo, and establish a collaborative learning environment.  NAA is about you!  Nurses advocating for nurses.