NAA Governance

Nurse Advocacy Association is a membership-based professional nursing organization governed by a Council of Representatives (COR) of the Membership Committee.  COR is comprised of current NAA members representing NAA Chapters. COR meets annually as a function of the Membership Committee.

The NAA Governing Board is the oversight body for NAA and is composed of elected officials.  The NAA Governing Board works closely with the Executive and Standing Committees, Council of Representatives, NAA Chapters and affiliates, ad hoc and special committees, elected officials, volunteers, appointees, groups, task forces, and NAA members throughout the organization to ensure that all official NAA business operations and affairs are conducted in accordance with NAA Corporate Ethos, Vision, and Core Values, and NAA bylaws, policies, and procedures.  The NAA Governing Board conducts an annual business operations review and strategic planning activities using data and information gathered from committee reports, member input, regulatory and legal reports, and information gained through affiliations and coalitions to ensure sufficient and timely allocation of resources and support necessary to conduct NAA business operations and affairs.

COR reports business operations and activities to the Membership Committee on behalf of NAA Chapters.  Individual members may submit proposals including amendments to NAA Bylaws, policies & procedures to the COR as an NAA Chapter member or to the Membership Committee.

The Nomination Committee coordinates and oversees annual elections to fill open positions on the Governing Board, Standing Committees, and Council of Representatives beginning with a nomination call each September.  The Nomination Committee works with NAA Chapters to ensure elected positions are filled in accordance with NAA bylaws, policies, and procedures.