"If you think the cost of education is expensive, try ignorance"
Derek Bok (, 2013)

The noble and altruistic profession of nursing is failing itself in the education arena. We bamboozle nursing students into believing that nursing school prepares you to be a nurse. New nurses are herded through hasty orientations by impatient, poorly trained preceptors. Charge nurses with barely a few hours of training are given responsibility over an entire unit of patients and staff. To add insult to injury, we are then asked to believe that good leaders and educators must be degreed. It's time the profession of nursing and the healthcare industry get realistic and be honest with all of those involved. Education is an insurance policy ensuring that the nurse and, thus, the patient are protected from unnecessary errors caused by ignorance.

Have you ever really considered the phrase ‘nursing practice’? Think about it for a minute and then consider other things we practice; sports, music, handwriting, math. Now, before we practice we must first learn something. Reason leads us to understand that nursing practice is based upon learning, continual learning. From this perspective, we shall consider education the foundation of our nursing practice, yet as a profession we are failing. NAA is understands the critical need for formal nursing educational programs that are grounded in the realities of the practice environment with a focus on professional autonomy. Furthermore, continual education is the cornerstone for current nursing practice standards. NAA is committed to the development of ongoing educational opportunities for nurses, and the creation of professional practice environments based on creative and dynamic learning processes. Join NAA today and experience an alternative approach to nursing education and professional development.

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