New Graduates & Nursing Students

To cultivate and advance the intelligence, character, and goodwill of all nurses.

Graduate nurses have many challenges ahead of them as they transition into their nursing careers.  As graduate nurses enter the practice environment they may find themselves disillusioned, frustrated, and even confused as to their career choice.  Ask any seasoned nurse about their first experiences as a new nurse, and you may hear stories of utter joy or disheartenment.

Current research reflects that 66% of new nursing graduates experience severe burnout associated with negative workplace environments with 30% experiencing turnover in their first year of employment, and 57% after the 2nd year (Spence Laschinger, Finegan, and Wilk, 2009).  The high rate of turnover could be attributed to work environments which disempowered the nurse.  Conversely, research indicates nurses who work in practice environments which support and empower the nurse frequently experience higher levels of job satisfaction, while healthcare organizations that create such practice environments are more likely to experience higher incidences of positive patient outcomes. 

NAA recognizes the need for creative and adaptive learning environments for new graduates and nursing students.  The future of the nursing profession and the healthcare delivery system is dependent on the wellbeing, intelligence, and character of these nurses.  NAA embraces new nursing graduates and nursing students and will work diligently to better understand the needs of these nurses and assist in their professional growth.

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