To cultivate and advance the intelligence, character, and goodwill of all nurses.

NAA supports the need for effective and meaningful research in nursing.  Research can provide a better understanding of issues, problems, and roadblocks nurses’ experience in the healthcare delivery system and can be the cornerstone for developing effective solutions to these problems.  The experiences and opinions of nurses play an important part of the research decision-making process adopted by NAA.  This is why NAA wants its members to be directly involved in the types of research to be conducted.  Members can contribute to the active Breakroom discussions, participate in questionnaires and surveys, or provide suggestions and feedback through committee involvement.  There are many opportunities for NAA members to participate in research.  Our goal is to provide the platform, resources, and education for members to have an active and ongoing role in the research process at NAA as we actively work toward creating a brighter future for nurses.

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