Nurse Practice Environment

To cultivate and advance the intelligence, character, and goodwill of all nurses.

Ask any nurse to describe the characteristics of a positive practice environment and you may get a lengthy descriptive list.  Whether the characteristics are identified as a team approach, learning environment, staff relationships, or effective communication, one thing is certain, the practice environment can and does influence outcomes for patients, nurses, and healthcare organizations.  These characteristics can take the form of an organization’s culture, healthcare worker practices, institutional policies, educational programs or the lack thereof, and information technology systems.

As nurses we understand that our individual practices are directly and indirectly influenced by our ability to participate in decision-making processes, communicate effectively and efficiently throughout an organization, access critical resources when we need them, engage in continuous and situational learning opportunities, anticipate support and understanding from organizational leaders as opposed to punitive and negative responses, and function as a cohesive and collaborative team.

NAA wishes to solicit your support, knowledge, understanding, and compassion as we move forward to build a better tomorrow for nurses. 

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