Workplace Issues

Hospital workers experience some of the highest rates of job-related illnesses and injuries in the workforce and nursing, in particular, is viewed as a hazardous profession resulting in severe burnout and high turnover rates. Issues with on-the-job injuries, physical assaults, verbal abuse, and emotional stress are contributing to the national nursing shortage crisis. In 2002, the National Institute for Safety and Health (NIOSH) reported healthcare settings are common for workplace violence, and healthcare occupations as being one of the most dangerous occupations for assault. Current legislative statues in several states limit protection and penalties for a nurse who is assaulted at the workplace unlike police officers, emergency services employees, and security officers.

Plagued with health and safety concerns, nurses’ perceptions of the professional practice environment may be resulting in decreased job satisfaction, increased turnover, and high rates of burnout. NAA understands the need for the creation of highly adaptive and creative professional practice environments with a focus on learning. Nursing leaders of today need to adopt new and effective leadership perspectives in collaboration with the nurse to establish professional practice environments that prevent workplace violence, injury, illness, and abuse.

Let nurses and leaders learn to act not react to workplace stress and chaos.

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